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3 Reasons Why Photo Booths Are Still Very Popular

It’s difficult to find anyone these days without a camera in their pocket. And smartphones come with cameras that can take high-quality photos. But still, people seem to love photo booths.

A few years back photo booths could only be found in shopping malls. However, in recent years they seem to pop up everywhere – weddings, corporate events and all kinds of parties. Even though people all have access to cameras, photo booths typically steal the show every time.

Here’s why:

1. They provide a feeling of intimacy
Because it forces people to be together in a confined space, it gives a sense of intimacy. Taking pictures is an extremely social activity. But instead of a photographer just taking random pictures of people, it’s more personal to get couples and groups of friends to come together to have their picture taken and walk away with a printout for keepsakes of your awesome experience,

2. You’ll make some great memories
There is nothing better than getting silly ridiculous with your friends in the booth, Fun props to make the picture even more fun! The more the merrier, pulling you most ridiculous face or pouting your was till the last shot! These are memories to last a lifetime! In this digital age, you would think that hard copy pictures have lost its appeal but that’s hardly the case. Everyone loves a print out to take home and stick on your fridge or put in your wallet to remember the fun time you had at the event! While it’s great to have soft copies guests can share their pics on social media, email or SMS instantly!

3. You can integrate it with social media
The latest photo booths can be integrated with social media sharing such as Email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS dubbed with instant prints. Big events make use of hashtags because they want visitors to share pictures on social media. You can also use this hashtag to print out your pictures.

There aren’t many activities that can provide hours of fun like a photo booth. You can unleash your creative side and use all kinds of props and backdrops, even Green screen to help guests take better pictures.

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