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3 Ways To Expand Your Marketing Reach With A Photo Booth

When your business attends trade shows, your marketing reach will be limited to the number of people attending. Aside from a few people who check out your ad, leading up to the event, that’s where it ends. Unless you hire a photo booth. By setting up a photo booth in your stall, you have the ability to reach thousands, even millions of people.

People love getting their pics taken, especially in a fun way like a photo booth. You can use this to your advantage to maximise your marketing reach in three ways.

1. Branded Prints
Photo booths have been around for a long time and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The problem is that it’s often expensive to take your picture. But what if your company offer free prints that include your branding? People typically share photos with friends and family, whether on social media or by putting these photos in their home or office. Whichever way, everyone who views the photo will be exposed to your brand.

2. Photo Booth Background Advertising
While you’re at it, why not add your logo to your background? Booth Central offers personalised backdrops to our clients. So, not only will your logo be on the printed photo, but also on the background.

3. Branded Shared Images
At Booth Central, we offer sharing stations with every photo booth. This allows visitors to share photos via social media or to send it to themselves via email or text. If you have a specific hashtag set up for your event, it can be added to the message received with their photo to maximise hashtag usage.

In a matter of seconds, your brand could be shared with tons of people. Let’s do some calculations: Say your stall attracts 100 people. And they have approximately 300 followers on social media each. If they were to all share their photo, that would mean you’ve reached 30 000 people. That’s not even including the branded images displayed in their office or home.

Photo Booths are an excellent way to maximise your marketing reach. Get in touch with Booth Central for corporate photo booth hire all over South Africa today.

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