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4 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Photo Booth Company

When it comes to corporate events, parties and weddings it is vital to capture every moment. This way you will preserve precious memories to enjoy later in life.

Photo booths have been around for many years and have the ability to capture raw emotions. It’s a great addition to any occasion that adds a little more fun and excitement to your friends and family.

Selecting a photo booth rental company for your event can be somewhat confusing. But using the tips mentioned below will make it much easier.

1. Determine if they are legit
Before signing anything, make sure the company you are considering is, in fact, legit and trustworthy. You can start by doing a quick Google search for a website or a profile page on Facebook. Additionally, visit sites like to find out if previous customers had any issues with the company. You can also ask them for references if it’s not available on their website, and actually get in contact with previous clients.

2. Get the best value for money
The cost is a huge factor to consider. Don’t pick the cheapest company just to save a few bucks. Often their equipment and set up in inferior. However, expensive doesn’t always equal quality, Most higher priced Booth companies have better photographic equipment and event printers ensuring better quality pictures and faster prints so more value for money. Look at the services offered and determine which company will give you the best value for money. Make sure you read the T’s & C’s and ask about their payment schedule.

3. Ask about specifications
There are various photo booth types available in the market which are suited for different purposes. A great photo booth is easy to customise in order to suit the customer needs. Photo booths should also include proper lighting, props, staff member to assist and different backdrops.

4. Opt for best image quality
Your photo booth can be the most incredible photo booth ever seen but if the photo quality is bad, no one will be happy. Make sure that pictures are printed on quality paper that will store well without any discolouration or fading

Next time you have a party or big event, go through the checklist to ensure you get the best deal. Visit our website for options and pricing or get in touch to book your photo booth today.

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